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What made you choose Red Adept Editing?

Oh, this is actually funny. I knew a writer who had Red Adept do a sample edit. The edit came back thoroughly marked up with suggestions to perhaps revisit the manuscript before revisions. When I heard that, I was so curious about the honesty and depth of the editorial services that I immediately contacted Lynn. She marked up my sample pages, and I fell in love with Red Adept’s to-the-point and helpful editing style.


You’ve worked with several editors on the RAE staff. Do you have a favorite, and if so, why? If not, what do you enjoy about working with different editors?

I like working with different editors. Each has their own focus and specialty, and I learn from them as I go. If I have a favorite, I’ll never tell (except maybe Lynn!). Just kidding. Every editor I’ve encountered has been top of the line.


The Titan series has 7 books with an 8th on the way. How many books do you plan for that series?

Ha ha. Um… I know there’s at least one more full length novel planned, and the new release in November (Hart Attack) has an epilogue that opens up the series to a few novellas. I’m not sure when or if those will happen. There is a spin off to the Titan series, and that series is called Delta. The main characters are a ghost team that works for Titan and helps out the main team. They’re a little younger, more rogue, and off the grid. They should be a handful to work with.


Are your series books standalones, or do they need to be read in order?

Each book (other than a prequel called Sweet Girl) can be read as a standalone, though readers will likely enjoy reading in series order. I like the other characters and couples to make appearances in my books. I think it helps continue on a book happily ever after.


Many of your characters are military. Do you have personal experience with that?

Actually, no. My dad was Army, my grandfather Navy. My sister works as a civilian trauma therapist on a military base. My husband is a contractor (and I base almost every book’s location on where he’s worked—Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, et cetera). Personally, I have no military experience, but I am a spy for the CIA. Ha ha. Just kidding!


Do you think you’ll stick to the romance genre?

I love reading and writing romance. I’m sure there will be several different types of sub-genres within romance that I will try, but for the most part, I only see myself writing love stories that have a happily ever after tied up at the end.



Cristin’s Writing Partner: Britta the Bulldog

What part of self-publishing do you enjoy the most?

I’m an entrepreneur by heart. I love the business side of things, even if there isn’t enough time to actually do them. I like the control of my covers, my editors, and my release schedule. I like being able to play with price promotions, seeing what works and what doesn’t then making adjustments. It sounds like I’m a bit of a control freak, but actually, I’m very hands off. As long as everyone’s working toward the same goal at the same speed (normally quickly!), then I’m quiet and easy to work with.


You have some awesome covers. Who does your cover work? Feel free to put in a link.

Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs does my covers. She and Jennifer Jakes are awesome over there. I can’t tell you how much I love what they do. I’m not visually artistic. I give them ideas (sometimes very bad ones), and they take my random musings and turn them into something absolutely gorgeous.


What do you do when you’re not writing?

Ha. Um, well. I have a two toddlers. I don’t think free time exists. But when I’m not writing or picking up the baby or wiping crayon off the wall, then I… sleep? I love writing. It’s how I relax and daydream. It makes me excited to go about my day and helps me forget when there are headaches. But if I’m not writing, sleeping, or taking care of my family, I’m probably reading!


Name a few of your favorite authors and tell us what you like about them.

Cristin and Maya Banks

Cristin & Maya Banks

I love Maya Banks and Lora Leigh. Their series (KGI and Elite Ops) first introduced me to romantic suspense and erotic romance. Before them, I was blindly reading thrillers and suspense books while wishing the hero and heroine would just fall in love already. When I finally picked up something where that happened, I fell in love with the genre.


What advice would you give to a new author?

Write. Write. Write. It’s so hard to do, especially when there are business things to take care of, but the more I write, the better I get, and the better my stories, plots, and characters become. Also, get honest crit partners. Find someone who will tell you when it’s bad or, at the very least, when it could be better.





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