Susan Alexander

I’ve worked with a few different editors prior to Red Adept Editing, and I wished I would’ve started with Red Adept from the beginning. The team is amazing, honest, detailed and caring. They work with you one on one in every step in the process.

For me, I chose the complete package and started with a developmental edit, and I’m so thankful and glad I did. Alyssa pointed out holes in my plot, suggested ways to plug them, and helped me to make the story ten times better.

Without RAE’s team, I don’t think I’d be garnering the four and five star reviews. In fact, reviewers have weighed in. Many have said the story is well written, and I credit a lot of that to RAE.

Craig Allen

I’ve used Red Adept many times. They have gone the extra mile to help me make my books the best they can be.

William Amerman

Lynn from Red Adept was my editor. I felt she went beyond the description of line editing services. My manuscript needed tons of work and she didn’t hesitate to tell me where I could improve. After this experience, I feel I have improved my editing skills to the point where I look back on this experience as a sort of post-graduate class and the fee I paid as tuition. Overall, I am extremely satisfied and even though it’s pricey, I don’t plan to go anywhere else for my editing needs in the future.

Jason Anderson

A good editor is someone who lets an author keep their own voice and style, while making sure the authors words say exactly what they need to say in the best possible way. Lynn is an editor who can do that. She provided invaluable feedback for this book, working within the very strict word-count requirements that drabbles placed on her. The stories may be my own, but it is Lynn’s hard work that has made them shine. I will be using Lynn for all my future editing.

Zuleika Arkadie

The best thing about working with Red Adept is the process. However, a process never works without professional and efficient people. I felt like I was working with “my” team on my project. Cassie was my editor and she’s GREAT. She did the grunt work! She was thorough and I learned a lot about perfecting my own sentences just by reading her work. And the best thing is that in the end, there’s always Lynn, checking things out and making sure all of our work holds up to the Red Adept standard! She like gives it the white glove test! l love it! This was definitely the best editing experience I ever had.

Thank you, Cassie (editor),  Sarah (first proofreader), Jim (final proofreader) and Lynn! Truly, THANK YOU.

George Berger

Karen is awesome. Seriously. She needs a raise, or a bonus. Or both.
I mean, imagine, if you will: I’ve written what may well be the world’s most unmarketable story. It was also, I feared, uneditable, on a multitude of grounds. Would I, I wondered, get a PayPal refund after a few days with a terse “this is hopeless” note? Would the poor unfortunate editor suffer a nervous breakdown and go into hiding? Would she painstakingly rewrite every word in a bland modern style, sucking the life out of the thing and negating the last couple months’ worth of work? Would she hate me and cast hexes on my tomato plant?
Days went by. I tweeted my worries, began referring to the story as The King in Yellow. Days turned into a week, and I setup a Google News alert for Karen’s name, wondering if her family had reported her missing, or if her body had been found. Would her suicide note be written in florid Edwardian prose? I once wrote a story so terrible it sent Brian Kittrell to the hospital; would this be the one to actually finally kill someone?
And then, one afternoon, a phone call from the remote wilds of rural Alaska. “I refuse to answer any questions without a lawyer present,” I repeated like a mantra. But it wasn’t the police, it was Karen.
“That was amazing,” she said, “and my eleven-year-old daughter liked it, too.”
She laughed at most of the jokes, and got most of the obscure references. Even better, she didn’t want to kill me!
Oh yeah, and she fixed some grammatical problems and my chronic abuse of the common comma and made some extremely helpful suggestions that improved the overall story immensely.
But mostly she didn’t want to kill me.
So, in short, she’s awesome. And also possibly dangerously insane, FYI. I mean, she laughed at something *I* found funny, y’know?
But mostly she’s just awesome.
And doesn’t want to kill me!

Benjamin Lewis Berman

Having completed my first novella, I contacted Lynn after seeing her editing services recommended on the Amazon Kindle forum. As a new author, I could not have been more fortunate. Lynn took the time to call me before she began editing to give me an understanding of what was entailed in the editing process. She also gave me great advice based on her experience with other authors seeking to produce an e-book title.

The editing services themselves were extremely great value for the money, with clear attention to detail and always giving me the feel of having total control over my book. With the goal of writing more titles in the future, I will consider Lynn’s services as an indispensable resource toward producing quality work.

Michael Bigham

Working with Lynn was a delight. She is precise and thorough. We talked on the phone several times during the editing process and I always found her to be accessible and willing to answer any questions. The full process took a couple of weeks and I was completely satisfied when we finished. Her proofreaders also impressed me with their attention to detail. You really don’t know how much you need an editor until you go through the process. I highly recommend Lynn as an editor and plan to use her for my next book.

Kristen Billingsley

I am an author who loves criticism in order to better my work. Until now, I had never had a true professional editor. I had been stalking Red Adept’s web page for a while and finally I said to myself, ”Your books, your readers, and yourself as an author need this. Just do it already.” I was not let down. I never even knew thorough edits like this existed. I thank them and my editor, Joann. Without them, <my book> would still look like a mess, and again, I would be letting my readers down.

Keith C. Blackmore

These days, where freelance editors are as ubiquitous as ATMs, it’s difficult to find “the right one.” Lynn O’Dell and her crew are professional, thoughtful, and extremely well-priced. If you thinking about contacting Lynn, do it soon, as her slots fill up months in advance. I now know why. I’ve booked three more for myself!

Karen Allen worked on “White Sands, Red Steel” and I believe she took the manuscript from being “good” to “great”. In my phone conversations with Karen, I found her to be extremely dedicated to improving the story, from her ideas on the existing storyline to scene insertions that she felt would improve the overall reader experience–which I agreed with her on. Always a pleasure to get a phone call from, she has now become one of two editors I ask for first when I contact RAP.

Tamara Blodgett

Red Adept Editing has been a literal godsend! With my size catalog and production schedule, I don’t have time to chase deadlines with less professional editing houses. RA keeps to their timelines, and consistently returns pro results that can be implemented quickly and with confidence. I’m especially pleased with the level of excellent customer service received from the owner, Lynn, and that of the three different editors I’ve worked with. I won’t use anyone else and recommend them to every independent author who asks.

Lauren Burd

To say Lynn O’Dell is an excellent editor is an understatement. She is professional, thorough, and fast. The process is straightforward, and Lynn is very helpful throughout the entire job. She has edited two of my novels to date, and I look forward to working with her on all of my future projects.

Donna Burgess

Working with Lynn has been a joy. She is extremely professional and thorough. She not only viewed my novel as an editor, but also as a reader. She just knows what to do to make my sentences flow better. She offered suggestions to improve my work, and also called to discuss the reasons for those suggestions. All-in-all, I have more confidence in my writing than I ever had. An author and editor should click, and I believe we did. I’ll definitely be a returning customer.

Bhagya Chandra

I was very satisfied with the editing services I received. Red Adept offers several editing options and I was overwhelmed. However, I was able to discuss my requirements with Lynn and she steered me in the right direction. I had a pleasant experience with the editor as well. Thank you!


Over all good service! I have used Red Adept’s editing services twice and I’ve been satisfied both times. The Full Polish Package is a great option they offer. The entire editing process was a great learning experience for me. Lynn is exceptional in communicating with her customers, she offers great customer service. Thank you!

M.M. Charles

I’ve used Red Adept Editing before for proofreading purposes, and I wish I had used them from the beginning.

I spoke to Ms. Lynn McNamee on the phone when my second manuscript was previously edited by another editor who is a traditionally published author. Unfortunately, my former editor rewrote my work and changed my title without me giving the thumbs up. I was so furious When I received my manuscript, I couldn’t make any claim to something that wasn’t mine. Nearly everything changed! This former editor “co-authored” my work when I only paid him to be my editor and nothing more. I wasn’t cry tears of depression; I was fuming like a fire-breathing dragon! I told Ms. McNamee the whole story until my face turned blue! She reassured me and explained a number of options for me to consider. The one thing I really like about her is that she knows what you are really looking for in an editor.

So I went for a content edit since I was desperately in need of a very good and respectful content editor. I just received my manuscript back today and I was completely overjoyed! I know it’s weird to sound happy when the editing process is supposed to be daunting, but Michelle Rever did a FANTASTIC job with her suggestions and commentary. It helped me understand what I need to focus on and how to fix it. She was respectful and insightful! Plus, her advice helped me think better as a writer.

I will definitely work with Red Adept Editing again in the future because they are truly the best. Thank you so much!

Kate Colby

I have worked with Red Adept Editing on two novels now, and I intend to stick with them for the foreseeable future. Every editor I have worked with has been knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly pleasant. So often criticism can feel judgmental or subjective, but theirs is always given with tact and sound reasoning. After working with this team, I have noticed clear improvements in my writing ability and knowledge, and I can truly say I’m a better author for having worked with Red Adept Editing. I highly recommend their services to any authors who are serious about producing a quality book and improving their writing craft.

M.A. Comley

I’ve tried other editors but always come back to Red Adept Editing. I love working with Stefanie. She understands my characters perfectly and what direction I’m sending them in.

Declan Connor

I would like to thank Red Adept and Becky for the excellent edit of my work, which in my experience, went above and beyond what I would normally expect. Her astute observations, and recommendations, pushed me to the limits of my ability, helping me to produce what I consider to be my best work yet.

Misha Crews

I love working with Red Adept. Their editors and proofreaders are professional and thorough. Any manuscript that has been put through their mills can be published with confidence!

Sarah Dalton

Working with Red Adept is one of those experiences that makes you feel more professional as a writer. I feel like my book has been taken up a good few notches on the professional scale, and has made me more confident about publishing it.

Lynn is fantastic at organising the editing service, and I received all of my edits on time. I thought the edits and proofread were very thorough, but still light enough to keep my writing style intact. They also edited to my UK spelling, which I know must have been tough at times.

The only problem I face now is the temptation to get an even more in-depth edit next time, because I’ve caught a glimpse of how talented the editors are here. I’ll be blowing my editing budget completely next time!

I can’t wait to work with them again.

Roderick Davidson

<Proofreading: Irene> Very professional service. Timely, knowledgeable, and well worth the money. Will definitely be using Red Adept again.

Danielle Lenee Davis

My experience with Red Adept Editing was amazing! I went with the Full Polish Package, plus an additional proofread. I found the services well worth the price.

Stefanie was my editor and her notes/comments were thorough. I enjoyed working with her throughout the process.

The proofreaders (Kristen and Virge) continued to make my manuscript the best it could be.

Each person questioned my choices and wording and I felt like they really thought about and analyzed my sentences.

I’ve already booked an appointment for my next book and have recommended Red Adept Editing to a friend.

John DeJordy

I used to think getting my novella edited would be a waste of time and money. Picayune wasn’t a full length novel so why bother? Then a wise person said something to me that hit home: “First impressions only come once.” Why wouldn’t I edit anything I plan on publishing? So I went off in search of an editor that I could trust and that would hep me flesh out my story to its fullest potential. Being the type of person I am, I actually got two different opinions. The first didn’t seem to connect to my story, rocketing through it without care, and missing very important things.

That is when I came to Red Adept Reviews and was put in touch with Karen. Karen not only saw my vision, but was excited by it. Her attention to detail and comments turned my story from good to great. When we disagreed on something, rather than just saying change it, we came up with something that we both were comfortable with and that, in turn, helped new ideas form.

In her first communication to me, she mentioned she was harsh. I, however, didn’t find her comments harsh, but rather insightful and helpful. I rather my editor tell me when something I wrote needs to be changed. Karen did this tastefully and in a manner that explained the reasoning behind it. She was fantastic in that aspect. Now that I’ve seen was a “true” editor is like, I would not want anyone else for my future projects which I have already booked a date for.

I cannot express it in words enough just how happy I am with the service I received. I highly recommend to anyone that might be considering getting an editor, stop considering and do yourself and your future readers a service by booking a date with Red Adept Reviews. I, for one, will never consider anyone else.

Christine DeMaio-Rice

I handed Lynn a manuscript that was long on stylizations and short on sense. She handed me back an edit that cleaned up the language without butchering the voice. As we worked through iterations, what struck me most was her respect for the authorial process. I’d use Lynn again. And again. And again. As a matter of fact, I’d be scared to use anyone else!

Cole Drewes

I was referred to Lynn O’Dell by another indie author and after speaking with her on the phone knew she was the right editor for my book. After she finished editing my manuscript, I submitted the final version to two publishers and received requests for the full version, which never happened before Lynn’s edits! Thank you very much, Lynn. You and your team at Red Adept are amazing, and I won’t hesitate to send my upcoming novels for editing.

William Esmont

After a careful search for an editor who understood my voice and writing style, I chose Lynn at Red Adept Editing Services. Her work is fast, accurate, and she goes the extra mile to ensure your manuscript is ready for publication. I was so impressed with her work on the first book, I booked her services for my next two novels. In addition, Red Adept Editing Services has recently added proofreading services. The quality of the proofreading far surpassed my expectations.

Diana Estill

Working with Lynn O’Dell, Red Adept Reviews, has been a positive experience. Lynn went the extra mile to provide a quick turnaround, and she demonstrated her talents and offered sage advice to help me meet the high book standards I desired. Lynn and her staff provided top notch services at fair prices. I’m glad I chose Red Adept as my book editor and as a member of my publishing team.

L.C. Evans

I made a great decision when I decided to hire Lynn O’Dell to edit my most recent book. I was very impressed with the quality of her work, and the price was reasonable. First of all, she took the time to call and discuss her editing process with me. Later she called when she had questions and she made it clear that I was free to call her about the book if I had anything to discuss. Her work was fast and professional and she pointed out problem areas without being mean. Not only did she fix my grammatical errors, but she also worked with me to improve my sentences, so I didn’t fall into lazy writing habits or use too much passive voice. I had a couple of plot problems I couldn’t seem to work out, and Lynn helped me see them from another viewpoint and move past. I highly recommend Lynn O’Dell’s editing services.

SW Fairbrother

I chose Red Adept because they have an excellent reputation, and I wasn’t disappointed. My novel is a much better book for Red Adept’s involvement, and I intend to use them for the next one.

Claire Farrell

After hearing a lot of editing horror stories, I was quite nervous about hiring an editor. However, when I read a project that Lynn O’Dell worked on, I admired how clean and professional it appeared to be. My own experience with Lynn was wonderful. She was thorough and extremely helpful throughout the process. Excellent value, excellent service, and an end result that is a major improvement without veering too far from the original vision. Lynn won’t try to change your voice, she’ll just help you tune it up. Highly recommended.

Debi Faulkner

After having written the “perfectly flawless” book, I’m glad Lynn O’Dell was there to gently guide me in correcting some of that “flawless-ness.” Her keen eye and knowledge of what makes a story great were indispensable in taking my story from adequate to awesome. There is absolutely no question in my mind: Lynn is a Superhero Editor who can swoop down into a manuscript, rescue it from floundering in mediocrity and leave behind a sparkling story and a very grateful author.

Karl Fields

When I handed my novella over to Michelle, I thought I’d written a pretty good little story, and she agreed. Then she showed me all the ways I could make it better. She pointed out where I could make my characters, especially my protagonist, stronger, and how to give my other characters more substance. I wouldn’t have imagined I’d end up liking the story so more than I did when I first set out, but that’s exactly what happened, and I can carry these improved skills forward into the rest of my writing.

Jeffrey Ford

As a first time writer, I felt I needed all the help I could get trying to get my manuscript into a somewhat releasable state. The fine folks at Red Adept Editing went above and beyond all of my expectations, fixing glaring problems that I didn’t even know I had. I thank the talented staff for everything they have done and will plan on using them in the future. Thanks.

Barry Frangipane

Professional, thorough, prompt, courteous, and good at what she does. That’s how I describe Lynn O’Dell and her staff at Red Adept. As an indie author, I was faced with a field of people proclaiming to be editors. Watch out, that field is a mine field! Rest assured that Red Adept can stand up to any editing service from any of the major publishers, and I highly recommend her.

C.A. Freeburn

It’s not easy to find an editor that is willing to make the book the best it can be according to the voice and style of the story. I’m thrilled that I was able to find that type of editor with Lynn. She doesn’t just read the story but takes the time to understand the vision the author wants — and needs — for their story. She edited keeping in mind my style and voice and made it stronger and clearer. The book wouldn’t have been all it could without her advice and suggestions. If I ever get to the point where I can have a staff … Lynn is the first person I’m hiring.

Dale Furse

I’ve worked with many editors but I liked the way Red Adept engaged different editors for the different editing stages. I was extremely happy with the level of editing my MS received from Suzanne, Stefanie and Virge. I will definitely contact Red Adept Editing for my next manuscript.

Nell Gavin

I hired Lynn O’Dell because she came so highly recommended. She talked me through problems I had been having in the structure of the book, helped me lower the word count without losing any of the story, and made the final product very polished. Her turnaround time was phenomenal, whereas my turnaround time with her edit was…not. She kept gently asking if she could help, which kept me on target and focused until I pushed through and finished. I appreciated that she viewed her role as something more than marking up a manuscript with corrections, sending it back, and then abandoning me – she was genuinely involved in the process from beginning to end. Lynn was encouraging and supportive, and was always happy to talk through an issue of wording or story structure until we ironed it out together. Without that kind of support, I wouldn’t have this kind of confidence about the final product. And I also appreciate the proofreading service – Proofreader Jim saved me from a bit of embarrassment! Thank you, Lynn and Jim!

Deborah Geary

My very first book is going live with a professional edit. There’s no better feeling than that. Lynn turned around the work in record time and at a fantastic price. I think that very soon, ‘edited by Lynn O’Dell’ will be just as valuable as ‘reviewed by Red Adept’ in signaling a high quality indie book.

Jasmine Giacomo

The level of quality and focus Red Adept’s editors bring to their work is very impressive. They work quickly and accurately, and they preserve the author’s voice while improving the book on many levels. Karen Allen has edited two of my fantasy novels to date. I couldn’t be more thrilled with her vast body of fantasy-genre knowledge and her ability to get into my world and suggest relevant changes to improve the story, whether in magic, plot, or worldbuilding.

Michelle Rever is a truly gifted content editor, and she has a special knack for character improvement. She’s helped me flesh out the characters whose shoulders bear the heaviest parts of my plots, and she’s taught me to improve the very way I construct them. I use some of her best suggestions in my newest manuscripts.

If you’re the sort of author who strives to improve your craft with every book you write, bring those books to Red Adept. You will never stop picking up new tips, tricks, and techniques to add to your authorial tool box.

Donna Glaser

I’ve worked with many editors and editing services and Red Adept is by far the most professional and thorough. They are always my first choice to work with.


T.L. Haddix

The relationship between a writer and their editor is an important one. Open communication, the willingness to be brutally honest, and instinctively knowing where the author is trying to go with their story are traits necessary for facilitating that relationship. Lynn has those traits. Working with her was a pleasure, and my book is better for it. I look forward to future collaborations.

After having had a couple of ‘editors’ who really weren’t what I had expected or needed them to be, I turned to Lynn at Red Adept. After Lynn did such a good job with a subsequent book, when it came time to pull my first book down for some clean-up work, I knew who to call. She set me up with Karen, and though I was a bit leery – having found Lynn, I didn’t really want to use anyone else – I said “okay.” I was not disappointed.

From the get-go, Karen was willing to answer my questions, discuss her reasoning on certain edits if I was having a hard time accepting a change, and talk me into the logical, acceptable decision based on industry standards. To my surprise, especially after having such a difficult time with other editors (Lynn excepted), Karen was a dream to work with. I would not hesitate to use her again, and plan on doing just that. We took a book that was much too long, condensed it down so that only the relevant parts were included in the final manuscript, and turned it into something much better than the original. I’d trust Karen to edit any book I write.

Cristin Harber

I’ve used Red Adept on a majority of my books and am thrilled. Lynn and her team know what they’re doing, work within deadline, and are accessible. They keep my voice and make it shine!

Dan  Harris

It’s been fantastic working with Misti on my novels. She’s a brilliant grammarian with a forensic attention to detail, and she helps me to strip away all the unnecessary fat from my occasionally rambling prose. The final versions are tighter, crisper, clearer, and just plain better than they were before. She’s also a huge SF buff, which helps ensure my books ‘fit’ the genre while also being fresh.

In a nutshell, she helps make my books the best they can be and is making me a better writer every time we work together. I couldn’t be happier.

Ken Harris

Working with Lynn and her team was a great experience. Lynn was very professional, helpful, and took the time to answer my many questions.
My editor, Kelly Reed, was a joy to work with and did an excellent job. My proofreader also did an outstanding job. I highly recommend Lynn and her staff.


Adair Hart

Red Adept Publishing provided an excellent proofreading service in a timely manner. I was scrambling to find not just a proofread that was quality, but also in a short time frame. Red Adept Publishing was the solution, and I am planning on adding them to my process for future books!


John G. Hartness

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lynn and her entire staff on my book, Knight Moves. They were fast, professional and hard-working, and their work made a big difference in the quality of the book. I look forward to using Red Adept for many books to come!

Dr. Kai Herbertz

The copy edit performed by Red Adept Editing proved to be instrumental for my novel “Age of Torridan.” Several sections that were clear to me, but needed clarifications for the reader, were highlighted. Having someone as knowledgeable as the editors of Red Adept Editing look through one’s manuscript is invaluable. I’m very happy with the service I received and as such can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Michael Patrick Hicks

I’ve worked with the Red Adept Editing team twice now, and am amazed at the level of detail and attention my manuscripts have received. The skills these editors and proofreaders possess are top-notch, and they’ve been absolutely terrific to work with.

Sibel Hodge

Fast, thorough, and incredibly beneficial. Will definitely be using Red Adept Editing again!

Holly Hook

This is probably the most thorough and constructive feedback I’ve had on one of my projects (and I’ve had lots.) I will definitely use this service again for my next book, and the next.

Alyssa Rose Ivy

One of the best decisions I made in writing and publishing my first novel was hiring Lynn O’Dell as my editor. Professional, responsive, fast and thorough, Lynn made the editing process an enjoyable experience. While staying true to my voice, Lynn helped create a superior book. I highly recommend Lynn’s editing services and look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Rivi Jacks

Red Adept handled the editing of my manuscript professionally and in a timely manner. My editor, Cassie, was knowledgeable, personable and extremely helpful in answering my questions. Her attention to detail was incredible. I have since had questions that Lynn has been more than willing to answer, which I appreciate. Sometimes when you’ve paid for your service, you’re finished. Not the case with Red Adept. Lynn always responds and seems happy to do so.

I not only recommend Red Adept, but hope to use them again.

J.L. Jarvis

I was delighted by my first experience with Red Adept. Lynn was easy to work with. She responded quickly to my inquiries. The time frame for the work was clearly established, and completed early. I was impressed by the quality of the work, and look forward to working with Red Adept in the future.

Steve Kallio

I sent in a manuscript that wasn’t worthy of a high school English project. Using the Premier Package, I ended up with something I am proud of. I received a service I would have paid three times the amount for. Jessica and Stefanie were tough but encouraging through the whole process and not only did I end up with a better manuscript, but I also learned a lot about writing as well. I recommend Red Adept without reservation and will be using them from here on out.

Brian Kittrell

If I had to choose one word to describe Lynn’s editing services, thoroughness comes to the forefront, but how could I use only one word to describe such dedication and commitment to excellence? In what world could I leave it at just that?

At first, I was skeptical and cautious about hiring a freelance editor, and for good reason: many scammers are out there who want to take an author’s money and fly, being at best useless for a writer and at worst damaging the book even more than it had been. From the very beginning of our discussions, I was impressed by Lynn O’Dell. She provided a sample edit which included thoughts, comments, and plenty of red marks.

With Lynn, I had a real editor, the kind of editor I imagined that the big name authors have, who was willing, available, and capable, and she had no problem pointing out corrections, plot problems, and things that she could see readers being unhappy about. The cost of her services was right on target with my budget, but the value of strong editing is worth so much more than money. I highly recommend Lynn and her staff.

Stephen Knight

Lynn’s efforts on The Gathering Dead really helped add some sparkle to the book and assisted me greatly in eradicating a series of author lapses. She’s a great communicator and lets the writer know just not what should be changed, but why it should be changed. I also found the additional proofread from a separate staff member valuable as well. I do more than just recommend her services; I’m using them again.

Daniel Koch

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started looking for an editor. After reading a few of Lynn’s reviews, I thought she would be perfect, but I was honestly afraid of what she would say about my writing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she’s not only amazing at what she does, but is also easy to talk to and not nearly as scary as I thought! I enjoy the give and take on our phone conversations and some of the great ideas she comes up with to improve my work. I am looking forward to working with her on my future novels, and I highly recommend her for anyone in the market for an editor!

I have had nothing but wonderful service while working with the Red Adept team, and Karen is a great addition. I enjoyed our phone conversation and she had a lot of good ideas to improve my work. She did an excellent and thorough job of editing my short story, and it was a pleasure working with her!

Stephanie Laurens

The project I put through Red Adept Editing’s Sweetheart package was my 57th professionally copyedited and proofed work. In terms of finished product, it is hands-down the best–by a mile. I could not be more delighted with the professionalism, the timeliness, and, most importantly, the quality of the service provided by the staff of Red Adept Editing.

Jonas Lee

My experience with Red Adept Editing was wonderfully eye-opening! From initial consultation to editing to proofreading, every staff member was helpful and super beneficial. As a first time, Indie author I can’t believe I thought I could do this on my own. Editing services are worth every penny and then some. I will definitely be back with my second book!

Margo Lerwill

I’m so glad I decided not to act on the temptation to publish without professional editing services. Even though I’d heard many good things about Lynn’s work, I was stunned at how fast and efficient the editing process was with her. She found issues several beta readers had missed, and her suggestions refined and streamlined my work without interfering with my style or voice. She also brought an understanding of ebook publishing that addressed details I would never have thought about on my own. A fabulous value for such a thorough and professional service and such a polished result.

K.H. LeMoyne

Lynn was wonderful and professional to work with. Indie authorship carries a unique weight of quality demands and time pressures, both of which Lynn was more than ready to help me through. Her suggestions and feedback added shine and clarity to the story, exactly what I was looking for in an editor. And her flexibility in working through issues, while being cognizant of my voice and the structure for the book was critical. I would definitely like to work with Lynn on future books.

Marie Long

This was my first time ever doing a content edit for my work. Jessica was amazing in addressing the content issues in my manuscript. It’s helped me to grow as a writer and understand the genre. Jessica was constructive and very professional when giving comments and suggestions on how I can improve the manuscript. Some of the comments mentioned sounded like something an actual reader would spot and question about (such as likable characters and which areas sounded fun/boring to read, etc.), so it’s great that she was able to spot those things before an actual reader! Thanks to Jessica, I’ve become more consciously aware of some of the many pitfalls I do in my writing, which will help me to improve my craft. I will definitely be using her again for my future works!

Patricia MacCullum

Misti is a very good editor: professional, thorough and fast. She had some good suggestions about the story and ‘gets’ my sense of humor. I look forward to working with her again. In fact, I have already scheduled my next book with her!

Alex MacLean

I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail the editors and proofreaders provide at Red Adept.

I wish I had hired them from the beginning. Red Adept will be my go-to editing company from now on.

Vincent Marcy

Lynn recently edited my Paranormal Romance novel, Undying, and functioned as a much-needed counterweight to my “personal rebellion against modern punctuation.” It’s not punctuation I object to, just the modern approach to it—which prefers to change all punctuation marks short of a full stop (em dashes, semicolons, parentheses, colons) into commas whenever possible. Why use these more interesting punctuation marks—I developed a love for them from reading Wuthering Heights, which uses them in abundance—when we can “blandize” the prose by using all commas instead, is the current fashion—the fashion against which I rebel. Pity the poor editor who has to cope with such an obstinate writer! And this is to say nothing of my tendency to capitalize words Randomly, overuse exclamation points, begin sentences with “biblical ands,” and produce convoluted grammatical structures; of which this sentence is a good example. Look over this paragraph, and imagine having to edit a novel filled with such paragraphs!

But this is just what Lynn did, and she handled it with consummate grace and good humor, reining in my more anarchistic leanings and doing her best to talk some sense into me (at least, to the degree that that is possible!). The result is a novel that won’t scandalize the reading public with my heretical views on punctuation and grammar—and that won’t contribute to the current trepidation with which some readers approach indie novels. Thanks to her input, readers won’t have to spend time trying to decipher an array of punctuation marks they have never seen before and can spend their efforts instead focusing on the Story.

Parrisha Martelly

Lynn was an absolute delight to work with. Being a first time novelist can be challenging and difficult, but Lynn was kind, attentive, and guided me through the whole process. In addition to a thorough edit, she helped me identify my problem areas and provided me with helpful suggestions to make my manuscript better and my writing stronger. Lynn cares about every work that passes her desk, and it shows. I never felt like a number or a nameless face. She kept in contact with me, and always had her door open if I needed to ask a question. She was supportive and encouraging, and went above and beyond the call of duty. The proofread service was wonderful, and I’m so glad I was able to have proofer Jim go through my work one more time. I cannot say enough good things about Lynn’s services. I can honestly say that hiring Lynn as my editor was one of the best decisions I ever made.

David Menefee

Sarah was wonderful! She worked with me to make my story the best it could be, and was very supportive and encouraging. The red sea of ink was a source of comfort rather than panic because of her. I knew that my book would be much better for the attention. My proofread from Jenn was exceptionally detailed, and I insist that anyone who wants Red Adept to edit their book also add at least one proofread to the editing package.

Michael Miller

Karen Allen was absolutely fantastic to work with.  She provided the perfect amount of editing for me—suggesting changes that enhance the story or improve a particular phrase, fixing POV issues, making grammatical corrections—in a way that left me feeling like the end product was still mine.  She went above and beyond in fact checking my work to make sure that the setting and fictional characters were believable.  Karen also has an great sense of humor and I thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth banter with her during the edit process.  I couldn’t imagine using a different editor for my future work.

Steven Mix

Before using Red Adept I had lived through a literal editing nightmare. They do happen, believe it or not. I had lost about 6 months of my time to a man who could not finish the job. So, battered and bruised, I emailed Lynn from Red Adept. A month later, I had a team of editors plotting what to do. I was paired up with Kelly, a copy editor who not only helped me correct a few voicing issues but very enthusiastically helped me make my book into something much more substantial. I was already proud of my work but now I’m overjoyed. Due to the care I received from Red Adept, my work is now not just having a digital release but going to actual print. Yay! My book is going to be sold in bookstores, and it really is thanks to this company.

There are a thousand things you’re going to spend money on in the next month alone. Why not spend it on someone who is going to take your creation and help you polish it until it shines?

Lynn Mixon

I can’t say enough good things about Red Adept Editing Service and Lynn O’Dell. She led me through several revisions with keen questions and thoughtful insights. With her cheerful professionalism, the process was easier and more productive than I had anticipated. Proofreader Jim’s sharp eyes helped clean my manuscript of any grammatical missteps. Their passion and attention to detail helped make my book the best it could be.

I often recommend her services to my friends, and now I endorse her services to you. She offers very reasonable rates and has quick turnarounds. I’ve already scheduled my next book with her, and you’ll want to do the same. She books up fast, so you might want to start talking dates with her soon. You’ll be glad you did!

Mario Molinari

Full marks all around! Great process, quality and incredible value. Almost hard to believe…. I would highly recommend Red Adept Editing. I enjoyed the experience and came out at the other end of it with a polished Novel I am proud of.

Coral Moore

Working with Lynn was a privilege. She handled the delicate task of working with me with professionalism and endless patience. I never felt she was changing my writing style, so much as she was helping to enhance my story. Her advice taught me more about how to improve my writing than any other single source. Without reservation, I recommend her services. I can’t wait to work with her again!

J.D. Nock

As a first time novelist, I am ignorant of many things regarding the writing process. Lynn at Red Adept Editing could not have been more patient, professional, and helpful. She guided me along and offered suggestions that have greatly improved the quality of my novel. And prior to her phenomenal and detailed work, the manuscript was beyond rough. She offered advice regarding character development, terminology, and pointed out gaping plot holes. Oh, and she sharpened my writing while trimming away the unnecessary parts. She is a genuine person who cares about her clients, and runs an efficient, fair business. Now, after our time working together, I feel as though I have matured as a writer.

Going to Red Adept was the perfect decision, and I cannot emphasis enough how important it is for an independent author to seek out a top-notch service such as this one. The alternative, which would have been going elsewhere or not investing in editing at all, is a truly terrifying prospect (especially after experiencing the process.) I look forward to working with these folks in the future.

G. Penn

Lynn and her crew are exceptional and I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with them. They know their jobs and are sensitive to the authors’ feelings as they help them produce top notch manuscripts. Thanks!

Angela Pepper

I love working with Red Adept Publishing and gleefully recommend them to all indie authors. There’s a package for everyone, and the service and professionalism can’t be beat!

Micki Pere

I am extremely proud and confident to place my novel in front of an audience due to the thorough and professional services of Red Adept Editing. I had an amazing and very patient editor, Misti, who went the extra mile. Not only was her editing professionally handled, it was helpful. My novel was also proofread with equal professionalism. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else for my future writing. Thank you to Lynn and your team.


Steve Perlow

Lynn O’Dell delivered what she promised: Great line and content editing, reviews of my changes after her initial edit and effective communication along the way. By being clear about things that could be improved, Lynn pushed me to be a better writer. She truly cared about my story being the best it could, and the experience is exactly what I wanted the editing process to be like. I highly recommend her and her team.

Joseph Rhea

I’ve actually had comments in the reviews for my scifi novella, “Novum” stating that the book was well-written (“quite good writing”, “smooth writing”, “easy writing style”). As an indie author, that automatically put me above 90% of the market, and is why I will always use Red Adept Editing for all of my future projects!

Amanda Richardson

Red Adept Editing was the perfect match for me. I’m on a fairly tight budget, and their services were fairly priced. On top of that, they returned my manuscript in under a week – which was awesome! The notes were so helpful, and instead of just editing things, my editor explained why and also gave me some great suggestions overall. I will definitely be using Red Adept Editing in the future!

Imogen Rose

The relationship between an author and her editor requires an intimate trust. The two entities can only work well together when they fuse, with the editor allowing the author’s words and style to come through while maintaining outstanding editorial criteria. I found this immediately with Lynn. She is totally professional, and most definitely in tune with the tone of current fiction. She is an editor who allows an author’s work to shine brighter.

Jennah Scott

Cassie was great to work with on my content edits. She gave honest, thorough feedback. Her suggestions were spot on with what readers wanted. I will definitely use and recommend Cassie in the future.

Tiffany Smith

Best editing ever. I’ve worked with a handful of editors, but Misti is hands-down the most efficient. She catches everything and makes very useful suggestions. This was my second time with Misti and I can tell that she takes her time and gives my manuscript her complete attention. I’ve learned so much from her notes and comments. Highly Recommended!

John Sneeden

I requested an a la carte proofread for my debut novel, The Signal, and I must say that Virge was outstanding. She delivered the manuscript well ahead of schedule, and seemed to have an innate ability to find every single error, be it large or small. I feel like I now have a very professional product, and I would highly recommend Red Adept Editing.

Lola Taylor

Susie did a fantastic job. I learned from her markups and would eagerly work with her again. Red Adept made the proofreading process go smoothly, and turnaround was quick without producing sloppy work. Their prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend every author take advantage of their proofreading service for that one last “scrubbing” before publication or submission.

Jack Wallen

To writers like myself, having an editor that can not only be trusted to tackle the task of grammar, but also work with the writer to make sure the story is rock solid and a viable book for the reading consumer is a tall order for the indie writer often struggling just to get the book off the ground. That tall order is filled to perfection by Lynn. Not only has Lynn helped to free my work from grammatical and formatting mistakes, she was always willing and able to chat about the story and offer solutions for issues that were discovered in the process of deconstructing the manuscript. Add to this Lynn’s friendly demeanor, and you have a no-brainer for any indie writer looking to have their books as polished as possible.

M.J. Ware

With Red Adept Editing, you can get the same treatment for your manuscript as you would from any of the Big Six or small publishing houses. They edit and re-edit and re-edit some more, until it’s the best it can be. One-on-one phone or Skype consultations—an unheard service in the field of independent editing—ensure that I stay on the same page as the editor. And multiple proofreads means my final eBook often looks better than those put out by some of the big name publishers.

Almost as importantly, they’ve proven extremely flexible when working with me, especially when it comes to scheduling, which due to running my own business, can be very difficult to work around.

I’d recommend Red Adept’s services for just about anyone with a novel. My only hesitation in making this recommendation is that as more authors find out about their unique, full-service approach, it will get harder to book their services!

Casey White

I’ve had all five of my books edited and proofed by Lynn, Karen, and the rest of the Red Adept team over the course of the past year. In my mind, they are the one-stop shop for serious indie authors. Professional and timely, I can’t recommend these guys enough and I already have reserved slots for my new releases in 2012.

Just received my completed edit from Karen Allen of Red Adept Reviews and I couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. Karen did meticulous work, offered valuable insights to the story, and called me to discuss the project once it was completed. Combine this with the great proofreaders at RAR, I feel that Karen and company have made my work the best that it can be for readers. I’ve already booked her to work on the sequel.

Ashley Lynn Willis

Content Edit: Laura Koons is an excellent content editor who is both professional and personable. She offered thoughtful and insightful feedback on high-level issues such as pacing, character inconsistencies, and character arcs while also providing grammar lessons that were enlightening. I can’t recommend her enough and will definitely be using her services again.

Line Edit: Having never gone through the editing process, I had no idea what to expect from Lynn’s service. I was pleased to find that she was professional from the start, but also friendly as she walked me through the process. After sending my manuscript with her edits, she not only called and went through the high level changes she was suggesting, she also brainstormed way to fix the novel’s issues. And if I didn’t understand a grammar rule, or I questioned a change she had made, Lynn went out of her way to provide an adequate explanation. She never once said “It’s my way or highway.” As the author, I always felt in total control of the process, and if I didn’t agree with her on a certain change, as long as my choice was grammatically correct, she was perfectly happy to let me make the final decision. If loyalty is any indicator of her worth, I will send every manuscript I complete to her.

Ellen Wolf

It has been a pleasure to work with Lynn. The mix of her professional approach and personal warmth made the daunting prospect of editing my manuscript an experience that I hope to repeat soon. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as an editor to anyone who not only struggles with grammar and sentence structure, but also needs someone to offer sound advice and a word or two of encouragement.

Natalie Wright

I have written and self-published three novels with a fourth on the way. I’ve hired five different content editors over the years and spent thousands of dollars trying to find an editing service worth its price.
Thank goodness I found Red Adept. I learned about Red Adept from reading a book that I enjoyed and that I thought was well edited. I read the author acknowledgements and learned that Red Adept was the editing service used.
I have had two content edits from Red Adept and I highly recommend them. The service is reasonably priced and a real bargain for the level of service provided.
Red Adept editors leave no stone unturned. If you don’t want to hear the truth about your manuscript, then don’t hire Red Adept. But if you want an honest critique that will help you push your manuscript to be its best, then Red Adept is for you.

The Red Adept editing team is exceptional. I have hired several content editors in the past, paid a lot of money and received feedback that was not very helpful. I’ve now hired Red Adept for content edit three times and each time I have been highly pleased with the result. RA editors parse the manuscript the way an editor should. They shine their light on all the warts and boils in the manuscript then offer suggestions for how the writer may fix the issues. Each editor has also taught me things that I take to the next project so that the value of the service extends beyond just the one edit.
If a writer is not ready to hear the truth about the weaknesses in their manuscript, then Red Adept is not the service for them. But if a writer is ready to get help elevating their manuscript (and writing) to the next level, then you can do no better than Red Adept. The service is worth every penny.