India R. Adams


Meet India R. Adams

IMG_2539What made you choose Red Adept Editing?

I was referred by another editor who was booked up until the end of last year. Psst! Don’t tell, but I never went back . . . I fell in love with Red Adept.


You’ve worked with Karen, Sarah, and Angela. What did you enjoy most about working with them?

 I’m on my sixth book with Red Adept, so I’ve been so lucky as to work with three different editors. Karen, my editor/cheerleader, has edited Blue Waters and Black Waters, and I soon will be booking the third novella, Red Waters, in my YA Tainted Water series with her. She has also edited My Wolf and Me (a YA standalone), and we just finished Rain, the first NA novel in the Stranger in the Woods series. I highly recommend her, especially if you are new to editing. She’s a gentle editor, hence “my cheerleader.”

Sarah and I worked together on my novel Steal Me, the first book in the Haunted Roads series. This novel had already been edited elsewhere (I thought it was in great shape), but Sarah took it to another level! She is wonderfully particular on every detail.

Angela has edited Serenity, the first novel in the Forever series, and I most definitely will have her for the next three books in the series. Serenity is the very first novel I ever wrote, and it’s my baby. Probably a nightmare for an editor when the author is so emotionally attached, but this woman handled me and my manuscript with the utmost respect. She took every chapter into her capable hands and tenderly improved my work immensely.

Of these three women, I couldn’t say who I favor. Simply great editors!


Are your books standalones, or do they need to be read in order? 13578601_596789630500034_1603943265_n

They are all series except My Wolf and Me. I’ve been asked to write a sequel, but I felt what needed to be said about love, understanding, and growth for these characters has been said. So, for now, I’m leaving it alone. If I get enough requests, I may reconsider.


You write young adult and new adult novels. What aspects of each drew you to that genre?

Writing is a healing process for me, a way to express past pain through my characters. I chose to start healing from early memories, which, through due process, ended up developing into high school years. I will, one day, go back and write about earlier pain—when I feel strong enough. As my characters in Serenity matured, I grew with them. My writing graduated to NA.


Some of your books have original music to go along with them. Tell us a little about your inspiration for that.

Music and writing are both art forms—crafted words and presentations—why not join them together! Serenity is a young woman who is witnessing and enduring domestic violence and alcoholism. She finds a journal that she sees to be a lifesaver. The poems and entries give her the sense of not being alone. So do the lyrics sung by a soulful country singer named Destiny. I can’t say more without ruining the journey, but I’m so excited to bring people into this world of hope.


You have some great covers. Who does your cover work?

Travis, at Pro Book Covers, is my designer for every book. I love him! He’s professional, incredibly affordable, and extremely time efficient.


What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m either in the recording studio or begging my husband’s forgiveness for always writing. Hahaha.


IMG_2523Can you tell us a little about what you’re currently working on?

My brain lacks the capability to shut down so I have several new projects going while also tightening up the sequels to the series I’ve already written. Red Waters, the third novella in the Tainted Water series, will be my next release, so it is getting most of my attention at the moment.


What advice would you give to a new author?

Be sure to love writing. DO NOT enter this career thinking you are going to be the next Harry Potter author. This professional takes much patience and a drive that not all have.


Where can readers find you?