Marie Long


Meet Marie Long!

marielong-profile (2)What made you choose Red Adept Editing?

I was looking for a good, affordable editor and happened upon one of Lynn’s post on Kboards. I tried out a sample edit and was amazed by the amount of detail. Moreover, I was very impressed by the fact that Red Adept offers multiple-pass editing, something I’ve never seen any other editing company do. This is extremely helpful, because sometimes things aren’t always caught on the first pass.


You’ve purchased the Premier Package for your novels, and you’ve worked with several editors: Lynn, Karen, Laura, Sarah, Stefanie, and Jessica. What do you like most about working with them?

They are kind, professional, and very attentive to detail. They love what they do, and it shows. They’ve been very patient with me, explaining things to help me understand certain grammar and editing points. They have worked magic on my manuscripts, and I can’t express enough how awesome they are!


Are your books standalones, or do they need to be read in order?

My books are part of a series; however, they all have satisfying endings with no cliffhangers and can be read as standalones.


What do you like most about writing romance? Do you have new stories planned for the Anderson Brothers?

Romance is fun and satisfying to write. I can write my idea of a perfect book boyfriend with no restrictions. I definitely have more stories to write featuring the brothers, as well as some of the supporting characters that appeared in previous books.


What part of self-publishing do you enjoy the most?

I have full control over my books, from pricing and cover design to formatting and marketing. It’s a lot of work, but the greatest benefit is meeting so many new readers as a result of all that hard work.


You have some great covers. Who does your cover work?

Thank you! The cover magic is done by Jenn LeBlanc of Illustrated Romance, who provided the models, and the design was done by Najla Qamber.


What do you do when you’re not writing?

I work at my day job as a web programmer.


What advice would you give to a new author?

If you have a story to tell, then tell it. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing that story in your mind come to life in a book. Don’t be afraid to tell YOUR story, because everyone’s story is different. Don’t worry about trying to please everyone, because everyone is different—it’s impossible. Join a writer’s group or even try National Novel Writing Month (, which is a great website for new writers to start.


You’re an avid supporter of We Need Diverse Books. Do you have any advice for authors who want to participate in literacy movements like this one?

I love movements like these because there is not enough awareness for books about diverse cultures and people. We are such a diverse world, and we should learn about each other. Another great movement is National Novel Writing Month, which is run by a non-profit organization that strives to bring literacy awareness to libraries, schools, and everywhere. I think it’s an excellent idea for authors to participate in movements like these, network with libraries and other organizations, and build relationships that help both readers and writers.

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