Proofreading Services


Proofreading Service


Proofreading cannot be scheduled in advance. We have several proofreaders, so the wait time for the proofread to begin is less than two weeks from submission.

For a book under 100k words, allow up to one week for the actual proofread.

For a book over 100k words, allow up to two weeks for the actual proofread.


All manuscripts must be approved for this service if purchased a la carte.

Proofreaders check:




Basic grammar

Proofreading is generally NOT a replacement for a good editor. Our proofreaders only look for basic errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Higher level issues, such as dangling participles and modifiers, are things that should be corrected by an editor prior to the proofreading phase.

We do not accept books that are in need of an editor rather than a proofreader, as we feel that would be doing the author a disservice. It also puts unnecessary stress on a proofreader because it’s difficult to correct basic errors when  sentences are inherently incorrect.

That does not mean we only accept books that have gone through an external editor. If we can’t tell the difference between a self-edited book and a professionally edited book, then we will gladly proofread it.

While a proofreader may comment on a plot hole or inconsistency, content is not something covered in proofreading.

We are not responsible for formatting issues.

All proofreading is done using Track Changes in Microsoft Word.


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