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NetGalley Listing

One of the toughest hurdles for both new and experienced authors is getting reviews. NetGalley is a service that puts your book in front of reviewers, but it can be pretty costly for individual authors.

Red Adept is now offering 3-week NetGalley slots. Authors may choose 2 genres.

Listing Fee: $25

Listing Fee w/Any Editorial Service: $20

RAE cannot promise any particular number of reviews.

Note: Actual time on site can vary by up to 2 days due to NetGalley’s process.

You must have a professional cover and an error-free book description. We reserve the right to reject a listing for any reason.

You can list your book before or after publication. We recommend you at least have a place for people to leave reviews, such as an Amazon Print page or a Goodreads page.

We automatically approve all reviews of 3 or more stars to appear on the NG page.

Authors will receive 2 reports (Excel spreadsheet format) after the listing is complete. One is a listing of all approved requests. The other report shows all feedback received.

To order your listing, you will need an epub of your book and a cover. If you wish to schedule in advance, you can email those items later.

Blog Tours

We don’t do blog tours, but we recommend Sage’s Blog Tours. She has many different packages.