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We offer complimentary 1,000-word samples (line or content editing only) for new clients. To receive a sample edit, fill out the scheduling form, and after your description, add a note to request a sample.

All packages include the ability to purchase additional proofreads at a discounted rate.

With any line- or content-editing service, you may purchase a one-hour phone call with your editor. Calls are subject to editor availability and made via telephone or Skype. Phone calls will be scheduled once the editor completes the edit.

All services may include, at the discretion of the editor/proofreader, an editorial blurb of the book. This may be used in the Editorial Reviews and/or Book Description section(s) on retailers’ sites or for other publicity purposes.

Visit our Loyalty Program page for more information on Red Points.

Combination Packages

PackageServicesPriceRed Points Earned*
(Per 10,000 words)

Sweetheart Package

1 Copy Edit
1 Proofread
$.0065 / word3 Red Points

Full Polish Package

1 Deluxe Line Edit
1 Proofread
$.01 / word5 Red PointsMost Popular Package

Premier Package

1 Content Edit
1 Deluxe Line Edit
1 Proofread
$.01595 / word8 Red Points Total package price may vary due to changes in word count after content or developmental editing.

Cameo Package

1 One-Pass Line Edit
1 Proofread
$.0087 / word4 Red PointsFor authors experienced in working with an editor

À la Carte Services

ServicePriceRed Points Earned*
(Per 10,000 words)
Proofread$.002 / word1 Red Point
Copy Edit$.005 / word2 Red Points
Content Edit$.0067 / word3 Red Points
One-Pass Line Edit$.0075 / word3 Red Points
Deluxe Line Edit$.0084 / word4 Red Points


One of the toughest hurdles for both new and experienced authors is getting reviews. NetGalley is a service that puts your book in front of reviewers, but it can be pretty costly for individual authors.

Red Adept is now offering 3-week NetGalley slots. Authors may choose 2 genres.

Listing Fee: $25

Listing Fee w/Any Editorial Service: $20

RAE cannot promise any particular number of reviews.

Note: Actual time on site can vary by up to 2 days due to NetGalley’s process.

You must have a professional cover and an error-free book description. We reserve the right to reject a listing for any reason.

You can list your book before or after publication. We recommend you at least have a place for people to leave reviews, such as an Amazon Print page or a Goodreads page.

We automatically approve all reviews of 3 or more stars to appear on the NG page.

Authors will receive 2 reports (Excel spreadsheet format) after the listing is complete. One is a listing of all approved requests. The other report shows all feedback received.

To order your listing, you will need an epub of your book and a cover. If you wish to schedule in advance, you can email those items later.

*Red Points are calculated based on word count. Calculations are performed for each project. Word count will be rounded to the nearest 10,000. Word count will not be cumulative across projects. No points are awarded for additional proofreads, editor calls, or NetGalley slots purchases. See Loyalty Program page for more information.