Jovee Winters


Jovee Winters

What made you choose Red Adept Editing?

The quality of the edits and professional courtesy I know I’ll receive when I go there.


You’ve worked with Jennifer. What did you enjoy most about working with her?

One of the best things for me as an author is getting to work with an editor who not only enjoys my works but understands my writing style. I feel Jennifer does both. Because of that, I know I’m getting a very solid set of edits because she wants to see my book succeed as much as I do.


Who is your favorite author? How did his style influence yours?

I grew up binging on Piers Anthony’s Xanth series. It’s this wonderfully odd world full of puns and magic. As a child, I found that world appealing because of its humor. As I grew into adulthood, it continued to appeal to me because of how clever and witty it was. My Kingdom books are an extension of my love for Xanth. A world full of magic and strange wonderful creatures that you can imagine are just as real as your neighbor next door.


Are your books standalones, or do they need to be read in order?

When I wrote Kingdom as Marie Hall, all the books were standalones. Eventually, I switched pen names to Jovee Winters—and you definitely should read them in order to get the full effect of the scope and world I’ve created. My Kings and Queens lean heavily on each other and, I think, make for a richer reading experience because of it.


Do you have any characters who are secretly based on people you know?

Danika, fairy godmother extraordinaire, is completely based on my mother-in-law, Trixie. I very nearly used her name when deciding what to name my fairy. Trixie is a mile-a-minute, go-get-em kind of woman who’s bubbly and effervescent and the light of any party, but she’s fiercely protective of those she loves. That character is my homage to her.


Have you ever had to kill off a character you really loved?

As Jovee/Marie, no I haven’t. But as Selene Charles (who writes Urban Fantasy books), yes, I have. To me, fairy tales are fun and happy kinds of books that should have an expected happily ever after for all involved. Urban Fantasy is a way in which I can branch out and write more gritty, darker books that don’t always end well for the main characters.


You have some great covers. Who does your cover work?

I have several. But my Kingdom books are primarily done by Croco Frauke, Phatpuppy, and Nathalia Sullen.


What do you do when you’re not writing?

Hanging out with my family, preferably at Disney whenever I get the opportunity. It’s the happiest place on Earth to me.


What’s the best writing advice anyone’s ever given you?

Don’t expect to write perfection on your first round. Just write. You can’t fix anything unless you have actual words on the page first.


Where can readers find you?



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