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Combination Packages

We offer complimentary 1,000-word samples (line or content editing only) for new clients. To receive a sample edit, fill out the scheduling form, and after your description, add a note to request a sample.

All packages include the ability to purchase additional proofreads at a discounted rate.

With any line- or content-editing service, you may purchase a one-hour phone call with your editor. Calls are subject to editor availability and made via telephone or Skype. Phone calls will be scheduled once the editor completes the edit.

All services may include, at the discretion of the editor/proofreader, an editorial blurb of the book. This may be used in the Editorial Reviews and/or Book Description section(s) on retailers sites or for other publicity purposes.

Sweetheart Package


1 Copy Edit
1 Proofread

Full Polish Package


1 Deluxe Line Edit
1 Proofread

With the Premier and Signature Packages, the total package price can vary due to changes in word count after content or developmental editing.

Premier Package


1 Content Edit
1 Deluxe Line Edit
1 Proofread

Signature Package


1 Developmental Edit
1 Deluxe Line Edit
2 Proofreads

À la Carte Services


$.002 / word

Copy Edit

$.005 / word

Content Edit

$.0067 / word

One-Pass Line Edit

$.0075 / word

Deluxe Line Edit

$.0084 / word

Developmental Edit

$.0205 / word